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Montana Casino Group Makes a Generous Donation!

A special thanks goes out to Bryan Sandrock, Deryl Sandrock, Maureen Blatter and their entire family of employees representing 4J’s Casino, Drae’s Station Casino, and Loose Caboose Casino.  Your donation is helping us acquire a shipping container that will soon become a veterans home.  THANK YOU! 

Building affordable, sustainable, relocatable homes for our homeless veterans.  

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Our veterans, the men and women that truly know what sacrifice means, deserve better than what we have given as a nation.  I refuse to end my time here without trying to make a difference.



Back On Solid Ground

Montana Crane Service Volunteers to Help.

When asked if they would consider giving us a discount on crane service these wonderful people immediately volunteered to donate services.  We are constantly amazed at how giving our local Montana companies have been.  Your selfless response really touched us.  Thank you.


Helping Homeless Veterans

Providing displaced veterans and their families the opportunity of home ownership.

Our Mission

You Can Help

Work with members in your community and make a difference




Learn more about veteran homelessness in Montana and the United States.


Bringing Hope to our Homeless Veterans


Hanna Warhank with Gough, Shanahan, Johnson & Waterman, PLLP Donates Services.

Hanna heard our story and immediately volunteered to help us get started.  Without her guidance we would still be bumping into each other trying to find our way.  Our deepest appreciation goes out to Hanna and her firm!