This is not a statistic that a single Montanan will be proud of.  It is unfortunately also relatively unknown.  We are regularly asked why we are doing this?  Most folks are surprised to hear what a terrible job we are doing in Montana to house our homeless vets.

There is no positive way to spin this.  In fact it is very likely much worse.  Anyone that lives here in Montana knows that many of our unsheltered homeless go south for the winter.  This report is a snapshot that was taken in January.  Yup, thats right, in the middle of winter we had the highest percentage of unsheltered homeless in the nation! Imagine how bad it is in the summer?

​Here is another shocker for you.  On average 10% of unsheltered homeless veterans are women.  This is primarily because many shelters are not set up to house women.  This leaves them no other option except the street.

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