Bringing Hope to our Homeless Veterans

Back On Solid Ground



When they are ready, transition the veteran and their home to a more permanent location somewhere in the U.S. where they have chosen to live
Assist the veteran in getting services needed from the local VA and the community while they help build a home for the next veteran.

Container Homes have become very popular all over the world to all classes of society.  Click the pictures below to see more information.

exit strategy

End veteran homelessness and close the doors! 

mission & vision

In our quest to provide displaced veterans and their families the opportunity of home ownership we are building affordable, sustainable, relocatable homes out of shipping containers

Foundation History

  1. 2013 - Post recession cutbacks prompt Laurie to step down as the finance director for a local non-profit.  Jim & Laurie make a decision to find a way to help homeless veterans.
  2. 2014 -Laurie puts her only big investment, a commercial building, up for sale so she can fund starting up the non-profit.  
  3. 2014 -After much research a small piece of bare land is found to build the shipping container homes.
  4. 2015-Back On Solid Ground is officially born.  Non-profit status is applied for and land is purchased.  Truck and trailer is purchased to transport containers from the west coast.  Non-profit status is granted and we are on our way! 

Example drawing of a 40 ft container home

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  1. Move the veteran into his or her new home at a temporary Therapeutic veteran community location.

Our mission to transition displaced veterans into a starter home consists of three phases.

current focus

We are currently working hard at creating relationships with our local and state government along with the VA to find an interim location for veterans to live in their new homes.